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Awakening Spirituality & the Arts Retreats

Whether you are seasoned or new in the arts, the Awakening Spirituality Series offers the gift of art and craft in awakening wonder, nurturing imagination, and opening a creative soulspace. You will experience the weave of arts and spirituality through intentional hospitality, interactive presentations, and sacred sharing. Slowed rhythms and creative contemplation practices respond to one’s inner longing for spiritual deepening in our imagining and interacting, play and prayer.

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Art & Craft as Extraordinary Landscape
for the Ordinary Soul

 Discover the spiritual potency of poetry and word play, fiber and mixed media, watercolor, photography and/or Zentangle.

1.5-3 days, Single or Co-facilitated

fiber & nature moveable mandala.jpg
Exploring our Sacred Stories by Making Mandalas

Experience contemplative and creative “meaning-making” space exploring sacred Presence through the intertextual weave of word, world and wonder o personal story and guided mixed-media Mandala-making.

1.5-3 days, Single or Co-facilitated

Be. Here. This moment. Now is all there is. Discover the sacred in your artist's tools; they are the vessels of the altar of your own unfolding… See the blank page, awaiting your blessing... Lose track of all time. This too is prayer. Listen for the words that rise up: Awaken. Envision. Sing, Alleluia… Watch as word and image dance together. Luminous. Illuminated. This is your sacred text. This is where God's words are spoken, sometimes in whispers, sometimes in shouts. Be there to catch them as they pass over those sacred lips, tumbling so generously into your open arms.

Christine Valters Paintner, The Artist's Rule

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