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Night Sky with Stars
Image by Johannes Plenio


Pax Luminaria means Peace & Light.

Through intentional spiritual deepening with a companion and God’s grace, we can discover and experience the light of Divine Essence illuminating new possibilities and nurturing peace.


Pax is Latin for peace. Spiritual peace offers greater tranquility, calm and harmony even in an imperfect, divisive world. 


Luminaria is Spanish for Illumination. A luminary is a source of light.


I believe that in the beauty of darkness, Triune God created light and a world filled with the luminous light of Divine Essence in everything from celestial bodies to all living things. Luminaries began in 16th century Spain. People across the globe from Mexico to Japan have long used luminaries to light their way — pragmatically and symbolically. Luminaries are a sign of welcome and hope. People who bring light and wisdom to others are called luminaries. 


As your companion, I meet you on your path and support you in a  Spirit-directed process that illuminates your way to bright possibilities — not only bringing peace, joy and hope to yourself but to others as well. 


May the eyes of your heart be illumined so that you may know Divine hope.

May Divine hope fill you with all joy and peace…

so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13, adapted.

A Spiritual Deepening can nurture:


  • Inner peace and harmony

  • Healing of life wounds

  • Companionship during struggle

  • Resilience and calm under stress

  • Discernment 

  • Understanding and compassion 

  • Forgiveness of self and others

  • Awareness and exploration of spiritual experiences 

  • Wholeness of the mind, body, spirit

Let's explore the possibilities.

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