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Deepen inner peace.
Discover illuminated possibilities
Find Pax Luminaria — Peace and Light

Welcome to Pax Luminaria, an invitation to spiritual deepening through an entrustment with you- God’s Beloved, God and Debra Paxton-Buursma, your spiritual companion. Pax Luminaria holds space for you to awaken, explore, transform your dynamic connection with the Divine and the world through Individual or Group Spiritual Direction, Retreats, and Consultations.

Yours is a sacred story intertwined within a cosmic story of Divine light and love.  You were created to shimmer with Divine Essence through Spirit’s move. Discover opportunities nurture inner peace and consider bright possibilities for transformative healing and hopeful change. Find joy within yourself and with others in an imperfect, divisive world.

Meet your Spiritual Companion: Debra Paxton-Buursma

Spiritual Companion
Image by Ari He
How will I benefit from spiritual deepening?

Spiritual deepening offers a constellation of promises and possibilities. As your companion, I listen to you and Spirit attentively, help you notice what shapes your being and becoming, and encourage you to consider possibilities in ordinary and extraordinary moments. We can celebrate increased wholeness of mind, spirit and body dynamically opening, unfurling and integrating within the world. How that looks is different for everyone.

Together, we find light and become light within a realm of loving possibilities which may bring:

Image by Ante Gudelj
Companionship in struggle

Healing life wounds

Image by Pedro Sanz

Resilience and calm under stress

Image by Vladislav Babienko


Image by Phyllis Poon

Understanding and compassion

Image by Michael Olsen

Forgiving self;

forgiving others

Image by Kalen Emsley

Awareness and exploration of spiritual experiences

Image by Zac Durant

Inner peace and harmony of mind, body and spirit

Blurry Lights

Welcome, I am so glad you are discovering how Divine Presence is moving through Pax Luminaria.  Pax Luminaria offers four services for responding to your unique spiritual longing and desire. We begin exactly where you are on your unfolding journey. 


Which service is best for you? Explore the possibilities. Let's consider the options together.

"The initial evening affirmed my experience of wonder, delight and gratitude to God and awakened me again to observing God in the beauty around me, even in the ordinary, that mistakes are opportunities."

Retreat participant

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